Where to Find Gluten-Free Waffles in Toronto

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Waffles are the perfect brunch accessory. Whether you like them sweet or savory, Toronto has plenty of restaurants offering gluten-free varieties.

Here’s where you can find gluten-free waffles in Toronto!

Disclaimer: we cannot guarantee all restaurants featured on our blog are 100% safe for those with celiac disease or severe gluten intolerances. Always inform your server of any dietary restrictions you may have.

The Dirtybird Chicken + Waffles

This Kensington Market gluten-free favourite should be at the top of your list if you’re someone who loves savory waffles. All of the chicken is breaded in their gluten-free signature flour blend, and they offer gluten-free waffles too! Vegan options are also available.

Menu Highlights

In addition to offering gluten-free waffles, check out their “boneless bites”; delicious boneless chicken bites in several gluten-free flavours. They also offer gluten-free cauliflower bites as well as a vegan option.

When it comes to your waffles, you’ll want to choose your “topping” (chicken or a vegan option like cauliflower), and add the buttermilk waffle as an extra! Think of it as an edible plate for your fried chicken!

Starving Artist

Starving Artist offers several gluten-free waffle options, both savory and sweet! With a few locations around the city, you should be able to find one close to you!

Menu Highlights

If you’ve got a big sweet-tooth, you might want to consider their “dessert waffles”. Go for fruit if you want to get some vitamins in (strawberry n’ banana) or if a sugar-coma is what you seek try something extra sweet (caramel pecan).

For savory options, you’ve got cheese-y, egg-y, and bacon-y options to choose from!

Starving Artist gluten-free caramel pecan waffles
The caramel pecan waffles are perfect if you’re looking for that sweet fix!

Grandmama’s Waffles

Regardless of if your own grandmother made you homemade waffles or not, Grandmama’s Waffles comes to the rescue with some fantastic gluten-free waffles options!

Grandmama’s Waffles is located just a short walk from Christie station, and is also available on Uber Eats! Want to enjoy your waffles on your own time? They also offer pre-packaged waffles for you to enjoy at home!

Menu Highlights

Grandmama’s Waffles offers two types of batter, beer batter and coconut batter; of course you will need to avoid the beer batter if you’re looking for gluten-free options!

As for what flavours to try, their “Ube”, “Pandan” and “Hot Chocolate” waffles are all gluten-free! Grandmama’s Waffles are also extremely colourful – when’s the last time you ate a bright green waffle? If it’s been awhile, go for the “Pandan” coconut batter gluten-free option!

Kupfert & Kim

Kupfert & Kim is another 100% gluten-free restaurant in Toronto, and while they’re probably more well-known for their 100% gluten-free and vegan salads and burgers, they’ve got a great bunch selection too!

Menu Highlights

Their “K&K Waffle” is 100% gluten-free (and vegan) and comes topped with organic blueberries, hemp seeds, and coconut cashew cream! We recommend pairing your waffle with one of their delicious smoothies for a nice, well-rounded meal.

Kupert & Kim currently have 8 locations throughout Toronto so there’s a very good chance you won’t have to travel far to taste their gluten-free grub!

Impact Kitchen

Impact Kitchen is a 100% gluten-free restaurant offering a wide range of options to fit anyone’s dietary needs, from paleo to vegan they’ve truly got something for everyone!

If it’s gluten-free waffles you seek, then you’ll want to visit Impact Kitchen for their weekend brunch every Saturday and Sunday (before 3pm).

Menu Highlights

Their gluten-free “Paleo Waffles” will have you questioning how the heck waffles can be so delicious and healthy! Made with almond flour, these paleo waffles are sweetened with maple syrup and have plenty of nutritionally impressive ingredients such as coconut oil, strawberries, blueberries, and apple cider vinegar.

If you want more of a savory vibe, try their “Superfood Benny”: two poached eggs and avocado on top of their “Superfood Waffle”, which includes savory components like cheese, green onions, and sea salt.

Impact Kitchen currently has 5 locations throughout the city for you to enjoy their gluten-free options.

Hello 123

Hello 123 (a “sibling” to Kupert & Kim) is another perfect brunch spot (brunch available every day until 4pm) to enjoy some gluten-free waffles in Toronto.

Their Queen West location offers both gluten-free waffles and pancakes, as well as a ton of other gluten-free breakfast / brunch options.

Menu Highlights

Go for the gluten-free waffle, which comes topped with fruit and vegan coconut cashew cream. Looking to get the brunch party started? They also offer a vegan caesars (hold the clam juice, please) and mimosas! The perfect accompaniment to your gluten-free waffle!

Easy Restaurant

Easy Restaurant is a real gem located in Parkdale offering an all-day breakfast that includes many gluten-free options.

Menu Highlights

If you’ve been missing Belgium waffles, well, do we have good news for you! Easy Restaurant offers gluten-free Belgium waffles, complete with fruit compote, whipped cream, and Ontario maple syrup!

Easy Restaurant offers plenty of other gluten-free options, including the ability to swap wraps and bread for gluten-free alternatives. Give these guys a visit if you’re craving breakfast for dinner!

Toronto clearly has plenty of options for gluten-free waffles, as well as plenty of toppings (chicken or whipped cream, what’s your choice?) for you to enjoy!

Happy eating!

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