Eating Gluten-Free At the Distillery Winter Village in Toronto 2023

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What is the Distillery Winter Village?

The Distillery Winter Village is 6+ week long event that turns the Distillery District in Toronto into, you guessed it, a winter village! Some of the things to look forward to include holiday photos ops, vendor cabins, general shopping, and of course delicious food! If you love old school Christmas vibes, then this is a must-see event! The cobblestone streets are lined with Christmas lights, holiday music fills your ears, and just in case you forget what season it is, you definitely won’t miss their giant Christmas tree display!

When is the Distillery Winter Village in 2023?

The Distillery District in Toronto happens to be one of the best spots in the whole city to enjoy those holiday vibes we all love! This year, the Distillery Winter Village runs from November 16th until January 1st, Sunday to Thursday 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM, and Friday to Saturday 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM. The Winter Village will be closed on Christmas Day (25th) and New Years Day (January 1).

Do I need to buy tickets for the Distillery Winter Village?

You don’t need to buy tickets, but you might want to if you plan to visit the Winter Village on a weekend or a busy night.

Generally, Mondays-Thursdays entry into the Winter Village is free for everyone! If you’ve got a flexible job or happen to be free during these things, we recommend trying to pop down as these are going to be the less busy times, and believe us, it can get very busy! However, from December 18-23 you will need a ticket if you wish to enter after 4:00 PM.

Friday to Sunday, you must have a ticket if you wish to enter after 4:00 PM, otherwise if you enter prior to that entry is free.

We recommend checking out the Distillery Winter Village event details page to fully understand ticketing as there are multiple options depending on what type of experience you hope to have!

Gluten-Free in the Distillery District Winter Village

Luckily for those who need to avoid gluten in their diet, the Distillery District in Toronto is full of restaurants with gluten-free menu options! We’ve specifically analyzed the list of this year’s food vendors, and we’ve noted anyone that highlights gluten-free menu options on their menu. Of course this does not mean you’re protected from cross-contamination, so always inform your server of any dietary restrictions you may have.

OK, on to the list of gluten-free food options at the Distillery Winter Village in 2023!

Avro Coffee

Avro Coffee allows diners to order gluten-free bread for their delicious toast options, and they also have vegan options as well!

El Catrin

El Catrin is one of our favourite dining options in the Distillery District, offering many gluten-free Mexican favourites for us to enjoy! They note all their gluten-free options right on their menu, leaving no confusion for their gluten-free customers.

Madrina Bar Y Tapas

Madrina Bar Y Tapas is another great choice for gluten-free dining in Toronto’s Distillery District. Some of their gluten-free offerings include East Coast Oysters, Chorizo Sausage, Lobster, and even Smoke Octopus. Let your taste buds have the gluten-free adventure they deserve!

Pure Spirits Oyster House

Pure Spirits Oyster House is another great choice in the Distillery District, particularly if seafood is your jam! Not only are their oysters (obviously) gluten-free, but they also offer gluten-free tempura oysters – and we all know anything tempura is tough to find gluten-free! From salmon, to crab, to butter-broiled lobster, Pure Spirits Oyster House has plenty of delicious gluten-free menu options to enjoy.

Cluny Bistro & Boulangerie

Cluny Bistro & Boulangerie also boat an easy-to-use online menu that lets you easily select “gluten-free” choices. Tons of tasty gluten-free seafood options to explore including oysters, lobster salad, chips and (caviar) dip, and even whole roasted eggplant. They offer a really excellent range of gluten-free options, you will certainly be back soon to try more!

Mill Street Pub

For some reason pubs seem to really be good at displaying those holiday vibes, and Mill Street Pub in the Distillery District is no exception! Gluten-free options are clearly indicated on their menu, and include delicious dishes such as Jerk Atlantic Salmon, Tacos, Loaded Nachos, and a Falafel Buddha Bowl. Mill Street Pub is a great spot to enjoy some gluten-free pub food while you visit the Winter Village.

Spirithouse Toronto

Spirithouse Toronto is a great choice if you’re not looking to eat a large meal, but would like some small bites or snack options while you enjoy some cocktails. Enjoy gluten-free movie theatre popcorn, kettle chips, toasted almonds, and even a gluten-free grilled cheese with prosciutto! If it’s sweets your after, they’ve also got a warm, gooey, gluten-free “cookies and cream” cookie served with vanilla ice cream – sign us up!


OK, we realize that Scooped are very much ice cream people – but hear us out – who says ice cream is only a summer treat? Scooped, often with lines out the door, is one of the best ice cream spots in the area. Not all of their flavours are gluten-free, so it’s best to check their website’s menu or to inquire directly.

The Sweet Escape Patisserie

The Sweet Escape Patisserie has plenty of options for those with a gluten-free sweet tooth. You can check out which options are gluten-free on their website – holiday goods include gluten-free gingerbread cookies (yum!) and gluten-free shortbread. From cookies to cakes to meringues, The Sweet Escape Patisserie in the Distillery District have a great selection of gluten-free sweets for you to enjoy while visiting the Winter Village.

Dress warm & have fun!

We hope this list will help you easily navigate some of the amazing gluten-free options that you can find at this year’s Distillery District Winter Village. This list is by no means exhaustive, so you may even find some hidden gluten-free gems not on our list!

Remember to dress warm and have a peak at tickets and/or consider the best times to go! The Winter Village is such a fun holiday spot in Toronto so you don’t want to miss it!

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