The Hunt for Gluten-Free Poutine in Toronto

It can be really tricky to find gluten-free poutine.

What are the concerns with poutine? Where is the gluten?

Wheat is often found in gravy as wheat flour is commonly used as a thickening agent. You also have to be weary of potential cross-contamination issues. This is especially true at fast food restaurants, staff might not be well-trained in allergens and it can be more difficult to avoid cross-contaminating gluten-containing and gluten-free menu items.

Cross-contamination issues are most likely to occur with shared fryers in regards to poutine. While many French fries as “naturally” gluten-free, they risk being contaminated with gluten if they are cooked in a fryer that is also used to cook things like breaded chicken or onion rings. If you see other fried items on the menu (think anything battered) it’s a good idea to ask about cooking methods.

What about those delicious cheese curds?

Luckily, those deliciously-melted-a-little-big-squeaky cheese curds are gluten-free. It’s really the rest of the poutine you have to worry about!

Remember to always inquire about ingredients and potential cross-contamination issues!

Disclaimer: we cannot guarantee all restaurants featured on our blog are 100% safe for those with celiac disease or severe gluten intolerances. Always inform your server of any dietary restrictions you may have.

Off the Hook Fishbar

Not only is Off the Hook the place in Toronto to get amazing, gluten-free fish & chips – but they also serve up a gluten-free poutine option!

The gluten-free poutine at Off the Hook Fishbar also happens to be vegan – veggie lovers rejoice! The gluten-free poutine contains cashew nut vegan cheese, and vegan/gluten-free gravy!

Off the Hook Fishbar has a separate fryer that is gluten-free & vegan! So no concerns about cross-contamination!

Hero Certified Burger

Hero Certified Burger to the rescue!

Hero Certified Burger has a lot of gluten-free options on their menu, and both their fries and Non-GMO gravy are gluten-free as well, thus making their poutine gluten-free!

We recommend inquiring about how the fries are cooked, are they in a shared or separate fryer? Of course, a shared fryer with other items containing gluten would not be safe for those with celiac disease. When it comes to chain restaurants, it’s a good habit to ask these questions every time as different locations may handle allergens in different ways. Stay safe!

The WORKS Craft Burgers and Beer

The WORKS Craft Burgers and Beer is another spot in Toronto where you can find gluten-free poutine. The WORKS has a Gluten-Friendly Menu which includes two poutines, Poutine Chez Guy and the Tragically Poutine.

Poutine Chez Guy is the perfect classic poutine featuring fresh cut fries, cheese curds, and gravy.

Want something a little more bacon-y? The Tragically Poutine comes topped with maple bacon, bacon sticks, and a bacon roasted garlic aioli. A bacon-lovers dream come true!

The WORKS also offer a gluten-free beer to enjoy with your poutine!

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